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Welcome salmon to our handpicked collection of seafood

Our tireless search for the best raw materials combined with careful and thorough production have always led the way for our selection of products.

We are proud to announce that Norwegian salmon is now part of our collection. We have brought Lars Magne Haram on board to lead the new venture. He is the Partner and Chief Executive Officer of our new subsidiary.

- We are going to create something entirely new and ensure even more job opportunities in our region. I'm happy and honored to be a part of this from the beginning, says Lars Magne Haram.

He holds a degree in Aquamedicin Biology and has extensive experience from various roles in well-known international seafood companies such as Mowi and Hofseth International. In addition, Haram has worked for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Additionally, we bring on Henrik Holen as the new Sales Manager. Holen has been working with both logistics and sales at Hofseth International for ten years.

- I'm excited to seize the opportunities ahead of us. Mathias Bjørge holds a good reputation in the seafood industry, says Holen.

Building a new factory on Ellingsøya

A crucial part of the new venture is the new factory on Ellingsøya - strategically located on the Norwegian west coast outside of Ålesund. There, we will have our own production line for salmon. The factory is scheduled to be completed by fall 2025 and will provide work for 20 to 30 new employees.

- We look forward to opening the new factory and further strengthening Norwegian salmon internationally, says Torgeir Bjørge, Managing Director of Mathias Bjørge.

- Mathias is a strong brand and has built solid relationships over many years. We'll continue to do so by delivering high-quality products that ensure satisfied customers worldwide, Lars Magne Haram adds.

Do you want to know more about salmon from Mathias Bjørge? Get in touch with Lars Magne Haram or Henrik Holen.