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Frozen products

Snow Crab - cooked - cluster

Chionoecetes opilio
10 kg

10 kg

10 kg

About product

The snow crab's shell can measure 16.5 cm, and the females are often smaller than the males.

Mathias Snow Crab is a healthy and good alternative to Mathias King Crab, and a highly sought-after delicacy. Snow crabs provide light, fresh-tasting meat originating from the cold sea. It differs from king crab in that the meat is more fibrous and a touch sweeter.

Mathias Snow Crab is well suited for both dinner dishes and lighter meals that can be made by novices and experienced chefs alike. The shell is opened using scissors and the meat can be steamed, boiled, grilled and baked. Many herbs and spices pair well with the crab, but it is also a winner "au naturel".

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