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Frozen products


Pandalus Borealis
5 kg

5 kg

5 kg

About product

Prawns are a prime ingredient for any occasion, with a fresh taste, firm flesh and a natural light-red hue.


Prawns are normally found at depths of between 100 and 700 metres, but can also be found in shallower (up to 20 m) and deeper (down to 900 m) waters. They prefer temperatures of 1-6ºC. The prawn stock is classified according to where it lives. In Norway, the prawn population is widespread in fjords, coastal areas, in the North Sea/Skagerrak and in the Barents Sea. In the North Sea, prawn is caught from stocks in the Norwegian trench. Prawns are also found on both sides of the North Atlantic, around Iceland, Jan Mayan, Greenland and along the east coast of Canada.


Prawn fishing takes place throughout the year. The prawns are caught by large freezer trawlers that process and pack them on board.

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